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Two's company, three's a coven

Directed by Bridget Balodis

14 November - 24 November 2018

 Northcote Town Hall

Nominated for 6 Green Room Awards



Armed with a cup of menstrual blood and a digital ouija board, Andy and Evie meet in the forest to hex Evie’s uncle. They’ve been talking to a dead witch online, she’s given them a spell but asked for a pretty big favour in return. What could possibly go wrong? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Calling on the almighty spectre of the Witch, MORAL PANIC is an unsettling hallucination, an occult thriller and a very dark comedy. 


"To get straight to it – Moral Panic is powerful, brilliant, must-see theatre."

"Fierce, surprising, funny, and deeply affecting"


Chris Hosking, Theatre People


"This chaotic middle wreaked havoc on my body - at times there seemed to be an infectious roaring as darkness and shame spilled across the stage; at others, I felt my eyes watering, my breathing interrupted."


Georgia Symons


This work's development has been supported by The Malthouse Theatre, The City of Melbourne in partnership with Creative Spaces, Darebin Speakeasy and Next Wave Festival. Its initial performance season was supported by The Australia Council, Creative Victoria and The Besen Family Foundation. 


Image by Sarah Walker



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